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Sentence Length

So it begins. Whether you write novels, blogs, or fan-fiction, you are going to type sentences. Short sentences. The average length of six words. Sometimes, when you simply cannot help yourself, you write a longer sentence, one with commas, one that stretches across your screen or paper. That is perfectly fine. If we all wrote sentence that were only six words, or only extremely long, writing would get boring. Imagine if we all wrote only wrote short, 1-5 word-long sentences!   ("Hello." I smiled. They smiled. I walked away. "Good bye." The End.) That would be so dull. That is why we all write different lengths. Here in this post, I'll explore when you should probably use each type. If you have any additions, questions, or corrections, leave them in the comments and I'll respond! Action scenes: where everything moves around. If you've been looking up writing tips recently, you may already know this trick: Short sentences. Does this always

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